Finding Peace Amid Life’s Chaos

So, a funny thing happened when I logged into my blog this evening…  I had all sorts of comments from individuals who found my blog!  I had no idea that anyone was actually reading it!  So to all of you out there who found me:  Thank you! Okay, on to my blog post…

I became overwhelmed with life again recently.  Two children, a full time job, and studying to become catholic has left me little time for the writing I enjoy so much.  So, I let my blog go for a bit to focus on other priorities (I actually refer to it as “triage” my other priorities, but you get the point).    In the midst of all the chaos that my life has entailed lately, I’ve found a wonderful tool to help me relax my mind and “unplug” from the world around me… praying the Rosary.

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Why Society Needs Religion

I have a confession… I’m addicted to reading the news.  I have three different apps on my phone for the news and I am constantly cycling through them throughout the day.  I can’t really articulate to you why I read the news so much, I just like to know what’s going on around me.  In the past few months, however, I’ve been noticing that Christianity has been getting a lot more press than it historically has.  Surprisingly to me, the coverage isn’t overwhelmingly positive (the exception to this was this past week when the Pope visited the US; during this week the positive coverage has been wonderfully refreshing).  While those that know me know that I am always in favor of a good debate, I’m concerned about the underlying theme of many of these articles.  The vibe these articles give are that Christianity, and often Catholicism specifically, “isn’t keeping up with the times” and is “on its way out.”  The news is quick to point out that our laws have moved past the lessons of the Bible, and therefore, the Bible is outdated.  Usually, after reading such articles, I have to stop and truly wonder, does the world really believe that we don’t need religion?  Religion plays a very important role in our (and any) society, and I wonder if people are beginning to forget.

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Seeing God’s Work through Statistics

I see God’s work in the strangest places.  I see Him in the obvious things: my children’s faces when they smile, a beautiful sunrise on my commute to work, a big thunderstorm, and (since I live on the Gulf Coast) in the hurricanes that come through our region.  But I also see God’s work in some of the more obscure areas of my life…. like statistics.  In my job, I use probabilities quite a bit.  I’m often faced with problems where I have a decision to make between two options, each having different financial consequences.  I use probabilities to assist me in determining which option is the best to choose, based on available information.  Now, please understand, I strongly dislike math…

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But… Why Catholic?

Nature landscape of sunset light above asphalt road

“But… Why Catholic?”  This was one of the first questions my friend asked me when I told her that I was converting to a new denomination.  I had just finished explaining why I felt compelled to leave the Episcopal Church, a community I had been happy in (but not connected to) for several years.  I was prepared for many different questions or debates as we sat and discussed our spiritual health.

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