Why Society Needs Religion

I have a confession… I’m addicted to reading the news.  I have three different apps on my phone for the news and I am constantly cycling through them throughout the day.  I can’t really articulate to you why I read the news so much, I just like to know what’s going on around me.  In the past few months, however, I’ve been noticing that Christianity has been getting a lot more press than it historically has.  Surprisingly to me, the coverage isn’t overwhelmingly positive (the exception to this was this past week when the Pope visited the US; during this week the positive coverage has been wonderfully refreshing).  While those that know me know that I am always in favor of a good debate, I’m concerned about the underlying theme of many of these articles.  The vibe these articles give are that Christianity, and often Catholicism specifically, “isn’t keeping up with the times” and is “on its way out.”  The news is quick to point out that our laws have moved past the lessons of the Bible, and therefore, the Bible is outdated.  Usually, after reading such articles, I have to stop and truly wonder, does the world really believe that we don’t need religion?  Religion plays a very important role in our (and any) society, and I wonder if people are beginning to forget.

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